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Suggested questions for Elaine Seiler:

  1. Why do you say humanity is undergoing energetic evolution?
  2. How is energetic evolution affecting people and the planet?
  3. What is Transformational Energetics and how did you get interested in studying it?
  4. What is the Millionth Multi-Dimensional Man and how can people participate?
  5. How can understanding energetic evolution help people to better cope with change?
  6. What do you mean when you say that people need to be able to cross the dimensional divide?
  7. How can expanding our understanding of energetics and evolution help us to feel more balanced, peaceful, hopeful and confident in the face of change?
  8. You have identified 16 Commandments of Manifestation. Which are the most important and why?
  9. What are synchronicities and how can understanding them help people deal with change?
  10. What are the "toxicities" you discuss in your book and how do they impede energetic evolution?
  11. What are some exercises you recommend to help people become more attuned to multi-dimensional energy?
  12. Why is the difference between energetics and spirituality?
  13. How can business leaders use energetics to improve the effectiveness of their teams?
  14. What is a multi-dimensional business and what are its benefits?
  15. In your book you advise people to track their eating and energy levels. Why?
  16. How can keeping a journal to record experiences and dreams help people evolve energetically?

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