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What is Energetic Evolution? – Events, experiences and patterns in life that seem random, confusing and stressful become understandable when viewed through the perspective of energetic evolution. Elaine explains.


Who is Homo Energeticus? – Elaine discusses signs that humanity is evolving toward a new multi-dimensional energetic state and what she believes that transformation will mean for humanity and the planet.


Transformation Energetics™ – Elaine explains the process she has identified in which the human body is used as both a conduit of energies from other dimensions and as an instrument to catalyze change.


Multi-Dimensional Awakening – Understanding energetic evolution helps people feel more balanced, peaceful, confident, and hopeful as they cope with changes in their lives, bodies and environments. Elaine tells how.


The Millionth Multi-Dimensional Man – Elaine discusses how people worldwide can initiate their own energetic evolution and move from the limited vision of the three-dimensional world to the expanded perspective of the multi-dimensional universe.


Language of Energetics – Energy doesn't communicate in human tongues, but it does speak clearly through colors, shapes and symbols as well as through our bodies, dreams, and synchronicities that occur unexpectedly in our lives. Elaine discusses how to understand and interpret outward signs of this hidden world.


16 Commandments of Manifestation – Going beyond the Law of Attraction, Elaine reveals 16 principles to manifest personal or professional goals or insure an effective, united and focused team.


How to Create a Multi-Dimensional Business – A multi-dimensional business allows for rapid manifestation and the easy flow of energy while embracing sustainability, integrity and accountability. Elaine explains the energetic underpinnings of a multi-dimensional business from her experience.


Crossing the Dimensional Divide – The world of multi-dimensional energy has no form and cannot be seen, yet it affects what goes on in the physical three-dimensional world. Elaine explains tools for understanding and working within this world.


Guides from Beyond the Veil – Elaine discusses the nature of energetic beings and groups of beings that she says can assist each human willing to accept guidance in this time of evolutionary change.


Energetic Musings – Elaine tells how she came to study the world of energetics through experiences such as starting a nonprofit to distribute 100,000 crystals for peace across the globe, staying in a hotel room filled with negative energy, and averting trauma while rafting the rapids of the Colorado River.


Journaling and Dreams – Elaine explains how people can better understand how they are evolving energetically by keeping a journal of their experiences and dreams, paying attention to words and symbolism they use.


Awakening the New You: What will you be like? – Elaine tells how people will be changed for the better.


Energetics & Spirituality – Elaine explains the differences between the two.


Releasing Toxicities – Addictions, substance abuse, an over-inflated ego, or an inability to change are all toxic blocks to manifesting positive change. Elaine explains how these blocks interrupt movement and progress, and why letting go is the key to becoming who we are meant to be.


Energetics and Eating – You really are what you eat. Elaine explains how people can examine changes in their eating habits and energy levels to improve their health.


Energetic Belief – Do you believe in yourself enough to allow your dreams to come true? Elaine discusses how to make sure your beliefs are aligned with your goals.



Media Contact is Michelle Tennant: Michelle@publicityresults.com, 828-749-3200, or blog http://www.StorytellerToTheMedia.com



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